Friday, July 10, 2009

Maths and Science in BM ?! =.=


i feel sad and disappointned with the decision made by the government regarding teaching science and maths in BM.

Yes, at the time being, teachers and students from rural area might find it difficult to cope with it (teaching science and maths in english), but as the time goes by,it is the time for students and teachers to take initiative to brush up their english, student and teacher will find it useful especially in university either in science or business related studies. Malaysian Government shouldnt make the choice for the student, in fact the government should let the students who experienced all the 6 yrs of studying maths and science in english voice out their concern. It is not only the exam result of the students that matters, is the LIFE AFTER A STUDENT who study maths and science in english that is important.i think the study that malaysian government conducted doesnt show a clear and big picture of student's future,it only reflects opinions and suggestion by the public NOT the students themselves.the government should extend the study to 10 years to see the difference.Learn english does not mean we ignore the importance of Bahasa Malaysia or our mother tongue. Infact learning more languages is an adwantage. If given choice, human being would choose easy way out. Leaders of country must do what is best for their CITIZENS. Should not listen to the small group who refuse and have mental block. Those against PPSMI are the teachers who can't catch up with english.

They don't represent the majority of parents who wish their children to be better in english and have bright future, only that they are not given a chance to have a say on this issue. So i would like to suggest that parents are involved in decision making by referendum. many are silent and talking in the coffee shop becouse the don't know how to send the message to the leaders of this country.

i do not see any benefits of studying these subjects in BM! okay, maybe BM is our "bahasa ibunda" and we need to appreciate our language, but in other case, there's no other reason to study BM for science and maths.

If we students study these subjects in BM, how are we suppose to catch up and cope with the stress if we're suppose to study these in English when we go to college or form 6?

Furthermore, there will be a lesser chance of us to get a scholarship from other countries or to study in countries like Australia, England etc. etc.

It's not like we don't study BM, we have a compulsory subject which we must pass in SPM or PMR in order to further our studies. Sejarah and Pendidikan Moral is in BM too, and i don't get the point of studying Moral as the crime rate in our country is still pretty high though we study Moral as a compulsory subject.

I would STRONGLY STRONGLY DISAGREE PPSMI as a student, and i think most of the english educated student will disagree too. And i do not know if anyone would read this but i just can't bear it anymore but to voice out my oppinion.

Singapore doesn't study BM, and they are even well known than Malaysia. America doesn't study BM too, they are more advanced than Malaysia. Therefore, English is very important, especially in subjects like Science and maths, nobody is gonna listen to you if you speak BM in other countries, therefore, learning BM as a subject-- Bahasa Malaysia is enough.

If anyone is offended, I'm sorry but this is only my opinion.


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